Bachelor’s+ in Economics


This Bachelor’s+ in Economics combines a Bachelor’s in Economics designed by LSE and additional certificates in entrepreneurship, personal development that will help you stand out in your masters’ applications and job interviews. 

bachelors-in-economics bachelors-in-economics

Forward College Bachelor’s tuition programme includes:

  • 100% small group teaching (on average 15 students per class)
  • Weekly one-on-one tutoring for individualised feedback and guidance
  • Frequent evaluations to track your progress throughout the year and ensure your success at the final exams
  • Induction programme where you will better understand your learning style and adopt the most relevant learning methods for you
  • Gain a solid expertise in economics and quantitative methods for data analytics and data science 
  • Solve complex real-life problems through a dedicated project in teams
  • Develop skills that are highly in demand among recruiters such as teamwork, digital skills, communication, or creativity
  • Gain a better understanding of your personal strengths, development needs, and aspirations

The Bachelor’s+ pathway will offer graduates an enhanced programme combining solid academic expertise with practical experience. This path will favour their access to top masters in management as they will already display significant exposure to project management, digital skills and soft skills development that are in high demand among recruiters. 

Economics opens a wide array of careers both in finance, universities, economic departments in government, central banks, and international organisations. Having completed their academic courses with practical skills-development and experience will offer them extended opportunities in startups, consulting firms, or bigger corporations. Central banks, governments, and other international organisations are other options for graduates in economics.

The building blocks of
the programme

The study of economics is an excellent first step for a professional career in business, research, or institutional administration. It also provides a broad basis for further studies in many areas within social sciences. Developed by the LSE, this degree will give you a thorough grounding in the principles of individual decision-making, firm strategy, and the overall functioning of an economy. 

As with all Bachelor’s Programmes designed by the LSE, students take four courses each year, made up of a combination of compulsory and elective classes. 

NB: availability of courses depends on student interest, and not all of the above courses may be available for study during year 3. Some courses carry pre-requisites – please refer to the UoL course list for additional information.

It is time for you to be in the driver’s seat and experiment with entrepreneurship. You will work in teams on a problem or an opportunity of your choice with the support of a dedicated Forward Leadership Fellow who will guide you and teach you the necessary methodologies and techniques so that you progress step by step towards making an impact. You will carry out your project mostly in year 2 while getting prepared in year 1 with a first opportunity to develop your project management skills. 

As part of your Bachelor’s+ you will have to choose one of the following certificates. Students who wish to apply to a Master’s in Economics will be encouraged to select the research project.

Along the way, you will not only make a concrete difference; you will gain highly valuable skills for your future career such as design thinking, SCRUM, research methods, interviewing, surveying, data analysis, project management, performance management, teamwork, or impact evaluation.

You can choose one of these three entrepreneurship certificates:

Sustainability and Social Impact Entrepreneurship
This certificate is designed for students who wish to make a difference on issues they care about: climate change, inequalities, refugees, education, racism, gender balance.

Expected working time: approx 8-12h/week on average
Read more about Forward’s Sustainability and Social Impact Entrepreneurship
Digital entrepreneurship
This certificate is designed for students who wish to venture into creating a digital solution from scratch to explore a social or business opportunity they have identified.

Expected working time: approx. 8-12h/week on average
Read more about Forward’s Digital entrepreneurship
Research Project
Research is entrepreneurial as it requires courage, creativity, and rigor at the same time. Available in Year 3, you will work individually or in a team in close collaboration with one of our Forward academic Fellows.

Expected working time: approx 8-12h/week on average
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Personal development supports you in growing your social and emotional skills and mindsets for adaptive futures. Students develop high self-awareness and resilience, cultural competency, and an approach to leadership that is impact-oriented, practical, empathetic, and collaborative.

Students select 3 modules among the following ones:

• Manage my own balance (time management, getting organised and other student skills)
• Manage tensions and conflicts (interpersonal, in teams and in communities)
• Decipher and manage my emotions (motivation, energy levels, anxiety and stress…)
• Networking and building trust
• Impactful communication
• Decipher and respond to others’ emotions
• Making the right decision making… and stick to it
• Leadership, ethics and influence
• Prepare masters’ application

The Forward 360 Skills Assessment consolidates feedback from your peers and tutors on your four core categories of skills: cognitive, social, emotional and practical.

This tool allows students to assess their progress and, with the guidance of personal coaches, set their goals and aspirations for the coming year.

This assessment provides Forward Graduates with a Skills Map that supports their applications for master programmes and career options.

Personal development
Personal development supports you in growing your social and emotional skills and mindsets for adaptive futures.

Expected working time: 3 to 5 hours/module over 8 weeks
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The Digital Bootcamp is designed to get you up to speed with everything you need to know to successfully design and launch an app. It will offer you insight into the bigger picture of the Digital Entrepreneurship Certificate, as well as what you’ll be able to achieve during the year.

The six-week Bootcamp will be organised around workshops and case studies that address creativity, project management, app development, strategy & implementation, and business fundamentals.

Digital Bootcamp
The Digital Bootcamp is designed to get you up to speed with everything you need to know to successfully design and launch an app.

Expected working time: 6 weeks
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In the third year of your bachelor’s degree, you will do an internship. An internship gives you the best opportunities to gain valuable work experience, whilst also exploring and testing a career path. Students who accomplish their research or consulting project with an external organisation will ipso facto validate their internship.

An internship during college prepares you for the world of work and its challenges.

Expected working time: 6-8 weeks
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As part of their learning expedition, we encourage students to immerse themselves in the local culture. In the quest for cultural immersion, one of the most important factors is the language. Passing this course equates to 7 ECTS.

As most students are beginners in Portuguese, you will attend weekly classes throughout the year.

In Paris and Berlin, beginners’ courses will be offered at the start of the year in French and German respectively. For non-beginners, specific provisions and objectives will be set based on their current levels. Regular feedback sessions to monitor their progresses will be provided.

Foreign language
We encourage students to immerse themselves in the local culture and one of the most important factors is language.

Expected working time: 1h/week (term 1)
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In summary

Scholarship Available


3 years

€16,500 (EU/EEA/Swiss)
€19,000 (other international students)

Lisbon (year 1)
Paris (year 2)
Berlin (year 3)



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