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Forward College offers a holistic learning-experience bringing together academic excellence – with Bachelors’ designed by LSE or King’s College London – real-life projects, digital training, personal development, and international immersion.


Our pedagogy

The Forward College pedagogy takes inspiration from the most contemporary and research-proven teaching & learning practices across the fields of education, pedagogy, cognitive sciences and neurosciences. 

Academic learning… and beyond

Forward students are expected to grow not only their academic knowledge and cognitive reasoning but also their social, emotional and practical skills.

We have designed a pedagogy and curriculum to ensure these skills are systematically included in each activity or class aim (see below). 

Going beyond developing academic learning skills only, our pedagogy ambitions to engage students to discover the specificities of their unique profiles, to reflect on themselves, to evaluate how they align (or not!) with their values and mindset, and to strategise on their individual development priorities.

Active learning

Largely validated by educational and pedagogical experts worldwide, the active learning approach aims to grow students’ autonomy. They become better experts in their field, but also better learners and more able people, for the future.

Our classes (seminars and workshops) are not designed to deliver content but to help students answer difficult questions, solve problems in teams, debate or simulate real-life situations after they have explored the course material – individually and in teams. This is why our students are only taught in small groups of 15 students on average during seminars and workshops.

Individual tutorials (and team debriefings) take place weekly to exchange with students on their performance and support them in their progress.


World-class faculty

Forward students are supported by leading academics who have been affiliated with world-class universities as well as seasoned experts and professionals. Our Fellows – members of the faculty – passionately believe in the power of education to change attitudes, lives and ultimately shape a better future. Read more about our Faculty

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    Student Support & Wellbeing

    We understand student well-being to be a sustainable state characterised by positive feelings and relationships, tied to high level of satisfaction with their learning experiences.

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    A week at Forward

    Whether in Lisbon, Paris, or Berlin, your week will be a busy one, as you will be studying for your University of London Bachelor’s and for your Leadership training together.

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