Economics at Forward College combines the sharpest of analytical skills and the deepest critical thinking skills, with an immersive global perspective on the world’s most pressing issues. In today’s highly-competitive, data-driven, and multi-faceted professional environments, our Economics programme will provide you with an excellent foundation for any career in Economics, Business, Finance, and government, or equally for further graduate study.

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Economics is all around us: it is the study of interactions and being able to evaluate and affect outcomes for the benefit of society. Studying Economics, you will acquire and develop the economist’s toolkit which requires you to think critically about complex issues, often with opposing viewpoints, in addition to evaluating interactions with rigorous numerical and logical reasoning. Above all, economics is a discipline grounded in evidence, so you will also develop excellent data analysis and research skills. Economics is therefore a powerful combination of not only being able to understand the world around you, but it also gives you the power and agency to change it for the better.

  • Analytical Proficiency: Master quantitative and qualitative skills to analyze and predict economic trends.
  • Global Economic Awareness: Understand macro and microeconomic theories, evaluating global economic implications.
  • Policy Formulation and Evaluation: Design and assess effective economic policies for diverse scenarios.
  • Interdisciplinary Integration: Merge insights from related fields for holistic economic solutions.
  • Effective Communication: Clearly articulate complex economic concepts to diverse audiences.
  • Analysts: Economic, Market Research, and Investment roles that involve assessing data and trends to inform business and government decisions.
  • Financial Specialists: Roles like Financial Planner, Investment Banker, and Actuary, focusing on financial management, risk analysis, and capital growth.
  • Advisors and Consultants: Policy Advisor, Management Consultant, and International Trade Specialist, guiding strategies for businesses and governments.
  • Property and Urban Development: Real Estate Appraiser and Urban Planner, evaluating property values and developing urban areas with economic considerations.
  • Environment and Consumer Advocacy: Roles such as Environmental Economist and Consumer Rights Advocate, focusing on societal impacts and fair practices.
  • Communication and Education: Financial Journalist and Economic Educator roles, disseminating economic knowledge through media and academia.

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