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Make your studies
a journey

Time to Move

For students who…

Aim for excellence
Want to discover the world
Aspire to make an impact
Look for a personalised education
Wish to develop their personality.

3 countries
in 3 years
World class bachelor’s from UK universities
Real-life projects
Small class teaching
Personal development

Time to go beyond
academic excellence

Forward College offers world class Bachelor’s designed by top UK institutions such as LSE or King’s College London and taught by our faculty on our campuses.

But excellence is not only academic. Our students combine a Bachelor’s degree with a fully international experience, real-life projects, and a personal development programme which will bolster their future professional life. 

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Time to explore the world

Explore 3 countries in 3 years and experience co-living with your peers in our students residences.

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“To acquire the right skills, students need empowerment and experience.”

About Forward College – The Times Higher Education

“Expanding education to develop all human intelligences.”

About Forward College – Challenges

“Forward College combines what corporates are looking for: a solid intellectual training with soft and digital skills.”

Jean-Claude Legrand – Global Head of Human Resources L’Oreal

“Forward College brings about new talents who will be both more humane and able to leverage technology for good.”

Corinne Vigreux – Co-Founder of TomTom, Founder or CODAM Coding School”

“Forward’s Personal Development programme is essential. It enables students to become the best version of themselves.”

Kathia D. Costa – Paulmier – Former General Manager People & Organisation CHANEL

“Students need to be much more flexible, adaptive and agile. That’s why Forward College is a fantastic initiative.“

Hubert Giraud – Head of HR & Transformation at CapGemini

“One of the most innovative universities is Forward College with an emphasis on leadership, management and practical team-work skills.“

About Forward College – Independent Schools Magazine

“Future leaders should strive to not only be highly knowledgeable; they need to be excellent learners throughout their lives.“

About Forward College – The National News

“Forward College aims to train “future young leaders”, aware of and able to respond to the environmental and economic challenges that result from them.“

About Forward College – Studyrama

Time for personalised learning

Benefit from a bespoke learning experience with 100% small group teaching (15 students per class), one-on-one tutoring and individual support.

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100% small class teaching
One-on-one tutoring 
Individual support

Time to develop your personality

Experience our personal development programme to discover your unique assets, talents and abilities, and gain leadership skills.


Our Students



Double Bachelor’s in Economics & Politics and Business & Leadership

I decided to join Forward College for its personalised approach to teaching and the variety of fields of study I could focus on. At Forward, I knew I wouldn’t be treated just as a number and would be given the opportunity to craft my bachelor’s based on my own interests. Working on topics I am passionate about is how I feel I can make an impact in the world. Currently, I’m a Climate Pact Ambassador for the European Commission, which means I am able to attend global events and also collaborated with non-profit organisations like UNICEF. I am also passionate about law, arts, philosophy and volunteering.

Our Students



Double Bachelor’s in Psychology and Business & Leadership

I joined Forward College because I wanted to broaden my perspectives by studying and living in three different countries. As part of my Bachelor’s in Business and Leadership, I’ve done a project about the sense of community, belonging, and well-being in an underprivileged neighbourhood of Lisbon. In my free time, I like to play the violin, guitar and ukulele, and develop my photography skills.

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Double Bachelor’s in Economics & Politics and Business & Leadership

I choose to study at Forward, because it offers outstanding travelling opportunities thanks to its traveling aspect in addition to its high-quality education. I am really engaged in community service and sports. Along with two friends, we have been organising a cultural festival to give back life to a forgotten area in Hungary. The festival has been so successful that it has attracted more than 200 people and in 2021 it expects to host around 600.

Our Students



Bachelor’s+ in Politics & International Relations

I joined Forward College because of the innovative way of teaching and the focus on practical skills. I also found it important to go to an international university that offers a personal development programme. In this programme, I learn how to manage stress, how to understand emotions and address them, as well as how to make decisions. In my free time, I like to travel, explore new places, and exercise.

Our Students



I joined Forward College for the opportunity to study in three different countries which would give me the chance to step out of my comfort zone and connect with people from different cultures. As part of my Bachelor’s in Business & Leadership, I have built a platform to connect NGOs with volunteers. When I am not studying, I love to travel and cook.

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