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Diversity, Equal Opportunity and Financial Support


Diversity and equal opportunity are core values at Forward College. We offer financial support to enrol 30% of our new cohorts from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Diversity at Forward

At Forward College, we believe that a core part of any education has to be learning about diversity. 


Why it matters?

As we grow and become adults, we must learn how to understand, communicate and collaborate with people from other cultural and social backgrounds and with points of views, experiences and behaviors that are different from ours.

Our commitment to this very idea is at the core of Forward College’s founding philosophy: if individuals are to thrive, they must experience and learn how to understand the world in its diversity.

  • This is why we have designed a European campus that reaches across three different countries;
  • why our students come from over 30 nationalities;
  • why we value co-living and community-building as crucial skills and experiences to acquire; 
  • why our faculty is also international;
  • why our pedagogy draws on team and group work and participatory approaches;
  • why all our Bachelors’ include a personal development programme where students learn about themselves, their assets and talents, but also how to listen to, interact, and engage with others, how to build respect and trust, how to exert influence, leadership and diplomacy.

Our admissions process

Valuing diverse student experiences

Practically speaking, this means that starting from our admissions process, we value diverse student experiences.

First, our selection will take into account elements of your personal history that may have affected your performance in secondary education and explain any possible gap between your potential and observable performance. Second, we will look at your academic transcripts and performance, but we will also go beyond: we will ask to see what experiences you have gained, what projects, commitments or responsibilities you have undertaken, participated in or led on. Finally, we will not ask you for a written personal statement or academic references: we will want to see evidence of your engagement. Facts speak louder than words. The interview will be the opportunity for us to understand better what you have learnt from these experiences.

See all details on How to apply here.

Equal opportunity and financial aid at Forward

Diversity and equal opportunity are closely intertwined. Each year, we offer a number of scholarships and 0% interest loans to students for whom accessing higher education would not be possible without financial support.

  • The award of a Forward College Scholarship
    These scholarships are awarded to applicants who are in financial need as defined by Forward College. Each scholarship amounts to up to 20% fully deducted from the tuition fees for the 3 years of their Bachelor’s.
  • The award of a 0% interest Forward College Student Loan
    These loans are available to applicants who are in financial need as defined by Forward College. They cover up to the full 3 years of tuition. Applicants can apply to either or both financial awards.

Equal opportunity is particularly close to heart to Boris Walbaum, Forward College Founder and President. 

Before embarking on the Forward College project, Boris worked as an advocate and entrepreneur for equal opportunity in education. He founded and still chairs Article 1, a leading French charity that supports over 150,000 students each year to access higher education, plan their careers and take their first steps in the professional world. Since its inception, Article 1 has received the support of over 300 institutions, companies and major international foundations (Google, JP Morgan, Accenture…). Boris is a stark advocate for equal opportunity and sees education as a major key to unlock social mobility and bring about social justice.

Since its launch, Forward College has committed to financially supporting 30% of its student cohort.

How to apply for financial support?

Students who wish to be considered will have to provide proof of financial need (i.e. annual household income, bank statements, proof of previous financial aid, dependents, etc). They will also have to send a  written statement providing reasons and context for their financial support application. Our selection process will take into account elements of applicants’ personal history and circumstances. 

Step 1

Congratulations on your successful application to Forward! Before you accept your offer, you must declare to the Admissions team that you wish to apply for financial support;

Step 2

Fill the financial support application form that has been sent to you and provide details of your household income, family situation and any other relevant documents;

Step 3

You will receive our decision within 4-6 weeks depending on your application date. The Financial Support committee meets at regular intervals throughout the year so we aim to inform you as soon as possible.

Step 4

Accept your offer and enrol!

Get in touch at if you have any questions on Financial Support at Forward. Our admissions team is here to answer your questions. 

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