Personal development


Personal development aims at developing your social and emotional skills. These skills are instrumental to support your wellbeing as much as your academic success, your professional career and your personal life in the years to come.

Growing your personality

How to manage your stress or anxiety? How to decipher your emotions? How to connect with people and build trustful relationships? How to make wise decisions? How to engage others? How to cope with frustration and bounce back from failure?

All these challenges lie on the road to well-being, self-efficacy and positive leadership. Although the answers are personal, students can deepen their understanding, set their objectives and gradually develop the skills that will help them navigate these situations and grow their personality.


After discovering their MBTI profiles and understanding the challenges of interacting with various personalities, students will work on social skills such as networking, teamwork, cohabiting harmoniously in an intercultural community, managing interpersonal relationships effectively, deciphering group dynamics, giving and receiving feedback and understanding how cultural differences interplay with social relations.

In a rapidly evolving world, possessing the ability to navigate challenges with self awareness and self-efficacy is vital. You will develop emotional intelligence skills such as self-awareness and mindfulness, learn how you regulate your motivation, bolster your courage, foster resilience against challenges, manage stress, cultivate your personal balance intentionally and make wise decisions. 

During this final year of the programme, it’s time to prepare for a new step of your career and refine your leadership style. You will improve your decision making and strategy skills by working on designing and implementing of your trajectory post-Forward College. Receive personalised career support to maximise your chances of success. You will also develop your negotiation and influence skills during this last year.


How we teach

Each module focuses on a specific skill over an approximately 4-week cycle. They are firmly grounded in research-based practices and approaches, following a four-step approach: 

  • Define your objectives for the module 
  • Engage in discussions and practical activities during the weekly workshop in small groups  
  • Train with your peers during the week thanks to beneficial habits and practices
  • Debrief on your progress and next steps during the final session

Your 360 Assessment and personal coaching

Once a year, students participate in a 360 assessment that allows them to gain valuable insight from various people in their network including peers, teachers, friends, and colleagues. This assessment generates a 360 report allowing them to identify strengths and areas for development, facilitating the creation of an Individual Development Plan. 

During two one-on-one sessions of 45mins each, your coach will assist you in interpreting the 360 assessment results and offer guidance on your development plan: what skills would you like to focus on? How can you develop these skills? These coaching sessions are held annually:

  • Year One: Students and coaches focus on identifying strengths and areas for development from the initial 360 assessment laying the foundation for growth and skill enhancement.
  • Year Two: Students will undergo a second 360 Assessment to track skill improvement and shifting their focus towards honing skills that support their degree and career ambitions.
  • Year Three: A third 360 Assessment will help the students and coaches identify the skills necessary to prepare for their transition to their next challenge post-graduation.

Nb: This programme is open to Double Bachelor’s students, who complete the entire programme, and Bachelor’s+ students who complete one third of the programme.

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