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Personal development


The Personal Development programme enables students to discover their unique assets and talents in order to shape meaningful futures – for themselves and the world at large.

Growing your personality

Personal development is an overarching objective of Forward College, relying on a holistic development of the full range of the five intelligences, and with reference to the Social Model of Leadership. It is one of the building blocks of the Bachelor in Business & Leadership degree. 

Personal development is focused on building human intelligences that prepare students with skills and mindsets for adaptive futures. 

Students develop high self-awareness and resilience, cultural competency, and an approach to leadership that is impact-oriented, practical, empathetic, and collaborative.  



  • Discovering a student’s unique assets, talents, values, and preferences
  • Reflective exercises and activities to help students design their personal and professional life
  • Identifying beneficial habits and practices, and then putting these into action
  • Identifying growth areas and creating individualised development plans through coaching

The focus over the three
years is as follows

Students will focus on adapting and thriving so that they transition to independence within a healthy and collaborative learning community.

  • Life Management (dealing with stress, balance, energy efficiency) 
  • Cooperation & Working in Teams 
  • Designing Your Life 

Students will explore their motivations and decisions to live, intentionally, with authenticity.

  • Self-Discovery 
  • Emotional Literacy
  • Decision Making

Students are prepared so that they successfully transition to their post-Forward College career plans.

  • Career Readiness (academic or professional) 
  • Thinking Strategically 
  • Pitching Yourself

Personal coaching and
360 Skills Assessment

Personal coaching is part of our approach to holistic development for students. Its purpose is to make sure our students become the authors of their own development at Forward College and beyond throughout their life. 

It begins in their first year with a 360 Assessment where the students get evaluative feedback on their cognitive (i.e. academic), social, emotional and practical intelligences. All these intelligences and skills are developed by our academic and leadership programmes. 

The students get feedback from team mates, teachers, friends, project partners, even family with whom they interact. 

Students meet their coach twice in the year (45min sessions) to 1) help them interpret the results of the 360 ; 2) offer guidance on their development strategy: what skills do they wish to focus on? How to develop these skills? The 360 coaching sessions take place on an annual basis.

  • Year One: Students and coaches focus on identifying strengths and areas for development from the 360 which are the basis for growth and skill enhancement.
  • Year Two: Students will complete a second 360 Assessment to track skill improvement and start to focus on developing skills that support their degree and career ambitions.
  • Year Three: A third 360 Assessment will help the students and coaches identify the skills necessary to prepare for their transition to their next challenge post-graduation.

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