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Forward College programmes combine academic excellence, with Bachelor’s designed by the LSE and King’s College London, and leadership development, through real-life projects, digital training, personal development and a truly international expedition.


Our Bachelor’s Programmes

Forward College offers three different levels of programmes depending on the intensity of the leadership activities. These activities always come on top of the academic Bachelor’s applicants select among our six academic fields (see below).


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Our Faculty

Dr. Gemma Gordon

Head of Psychology

Previously researcher in the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience in KCL

I was fortunate to gain teaching experience in psychology in a world-leading university, and had been mulling over ways in which some modifications to the teaching paradigm might enrich student and staff experience. Forward offered the opportunity to be part of a new institution seeking to revamp the traditional university model. Teaching smaller class sizes with more time allocated to debate and to apply, rather than reveal, academic material was an exciting proposal. The study of psychology lends itself well to a more dynamic educational framework, and the opportunity to explore ways in which this could be realised was a chance I didn’t want to pass up.

Our Faculty

Dr. Ruairidh J.Brown

Head of Politics and International Relations

Recipient of the University of Nottingham Lord Dearing Award

Learning is not about memorising facts, figures, or dates, but developing an understanding of the world and one’s place within it. In this sense, learning is very much a journey through existence rather than the passive activity of observing and memorising. Discovering about Forward’s focus on developing the areas of human development, personal development, and small teaching groups, I realised this was an institution who really cared about developing human beings and laying the foundation for their journey through existence.

Our Faculty

Dr. Sara Santos

Head of Teaching & Learning Enhancement | Head of Data Science and Business Analytics

Previously taught at King’s College London and Goldsmiths

Forward College is a bold new offer to students but also to all of us. I think society at large benefits from having people studying at an institution that focuses on multiple-intelligences and ‘factors in the equation’ the social impact of our individual and collective actions from day one.

Our Faculty

Nabila Alibhai

Head of Personal Development

Previously worked with the UN, the International Organization for Migration and the Aga Khan Development Network

The paradigms for having an impact and the definitions of individual and collective success are changing, and have to change. I value how Forward College takes on this challenge by equipping its students with practical skills in preparation for adaptive futures. As part of a multi-disciplinary team, I can share my international development experience and I have the opportunity to be the lead architect of a truly innovative 3-year personal development curriculum delivered in Lisbon, Paris and Berlin. I am building the curriculum with a wonderful and collaborative team with diverse expertise from the corporate world, in student wellbeing, management consulting, and in conflict transformation. This is what makes my work at Forward College fulfilling.

Our Faculty

Dr. Bernardo Melo Pimentel

Head of Economics | Teaching & Learning Coordinator

PhD from Nova SBE

Pedagogy isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Different people have different learning needs and respond differently to different approaches. At Forward, we embrace this diversity and strive to provide the best pedagogical experience and environment. Over the years I have taught a number of subjects to audiences from different backgrounds and countries of origin. The most common thread has been the need to adapt teaching methods and styles to distinct student requirements. Often, large class sizes, crystallized structures, and lack of resources meant that pedagogy was a compromise rather than a priority. Forward’s proposition is different. The blend of state-of-the-art pedagogical techniques with a rich, interdisciplinary curriculum and the diverse international experience offered by our programs create a custom-tailored education offer.

Our Faculty

Dr. Soizic Gauthier

Assistant professor of Psychology

Researcher and lecturer at the University of Paris

Forward focuses on developing all types of intelligence in students, including social and emotional intelligence, and on fostering students’ soft skills. I believe this is particularly important, for all students of course, but in particular for students in psychology, as those elements have a great impact on how efficient a psychologist will be at doing its work but are too often an overlooked aspect in the psychology curriculum. Joining Forward enabled me to make my ideals meet my actual teaching practice.

Our Faculty

Dr. Christof Royer

Assistant Professor in International Relations

Previously taught at the University of Hong Kong and at the University of Dundee

Forward College provides the perfect combination of the traditional strengths of the University of London institutions and a highly innovative student-centred approach to teaching. It is, quite simply, the ‘forward looking’ philosophy of this institution, the commitment to create ‘a world that spins together’ with talented and motivated people, and the desire to go ‘beyond academic excellence’, that makes Forward College a true pioneer in the Higher Education sector.

Our Faculty

Dr. Henrique Veras

Assistant Professor of Economics

Previously taught at Oberlin College and Centre College in the USA

I joined Forward mostly for its modern approach to teaching and learning, focused on the student learning process. The holistic approach to learning, combining academic rigor and personal development, along with the flipped classroom method are very much in line with what I believe to be the most effective way of learning. In this way, students are able to live the college experience to its fullest.

“To acquire the right skills, students need empowerment and experience”

Forward College in the media – The Times Higher Education

« Forward College is one of the pioneering centres that have given a twist to the university experience »

Forward College in the media – El Economista

“Forward College combines what corporates are looking for: a solid intellectual training with soft and digital skills.”

Jean-Claude Legrand – Global Head of Human Resources L’Oreal and Forward College Advisor

“Forward College brings about new talents who will be both more humane and able to leverage technology for good.”

Corinne Vigreux – Co-Founder of TomTom, Founder of CODAM Coding School” and Forward College Advisor

“Forward’s Personal Development programme is essential. It enables students to become the best version of themselves.”

Kathia D. Costa – Paulmier – Former General Manager People & Organisation CHANEL and Forward College Advisor

“Students need to be much more flexible, adaptive and agile. That’s why Forward College is a fantastic initiative.”

Hubert Giraud – Head of HR & Transformation at CapGemini and Forward College Advisor

“One of the most innovative universities is Forward College with an emphasis on leadership, management and practical team-work skills.“

Forward College in the media – Independent Schools Magazine

“Expanding education to develop all human intelligences.”

Forward College in the media – Challenges

“Forward College aims to train “future young leaders”, aware of and able to respond to the environmental and economic challenges that result from them.“

Forward College in the media- Studyrama

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