Data Science & Business Analytics


Data Science is becoming an increasingly popular degree worldwide in response to the rapidly-growing demand from private and public sectors alike. Our Data Science and Business Analytics Bachelor’s prepares you for exciting careers at the frontier of technology and strategy.

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In an era where data drives decisions, a Bachelor’s in Data Science and Business Analytics equips students with the prowess to decipher complex datasets and extract actionable insights. As businesses and industries pivot towards a data-centric future, possessing these skills will not only render you indispensable, but will also open doors to a myriad of career opportunities. Dive into this transformative degree to stay at the forefront of technological and business advancements, positioning yourself as a catalyst for innovation and strategic growth in any sector. Embrace the future; become the bridge between data and the decisions that shape tomorrow.

  • Master techniques to collect, process, and analyse vast datasets for actionable insights.
  • Develop proficiency in using cutting-edge data analytics tools and software.
  • Understand ethical implications and responsible data practices in business contexts.
  • Apply predictive analytics to forecast trends and drive business decisions.
  • Cultivate interdisciplinary knowledge, blending data science with business strategy.
  • Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer: Delve deep into data to build predictive models and algorithms, driving innovation and automating processes.
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics Consultant: Extract actionable insights from data to optimize business operations, influence strategy, and guide decision-making.
  • Quantitative & Risk Analyst: Apply mathematical and statistical methods in finance and business to predict, evaluate, and manage risks.
  • Data Visualisation & Customer Insight Specialist: Transform complex data into visual stories or insights to influence business decisions, especially in marketing and customer relations.
  • Supply Chain & Operations Analyst: Use data-driven approaches to optimize logistical and operational efficiency, ensuring smooth business flow.
  • Healthcare & Policy Data Analyst: Harness data to improve patient care, medical processes, or guide public policy decisions in the healthcare domain.
  • E-commerce & Marketing Analytics Manager: Optimize digital platforms and strategies using data to boost sales, customer engagement, and marketing efficacy.

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