Student Life in Paris


The second year of the Forward expedition takes place in Paris, as well being Europe’s economic centre, Paris is famously known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world and consistently ranked among the world’s top 10 cities for students.

Known as ‘the City of Arts’, Paris offers a hugely rich cultural agenda, ranging from the visual arts and architecture and design, to historical research, literature, theatre, cinema, music and dance. It is also a student-city and it hosts some of the best French universities and ‘grandes écoles’.

Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris


You will study and live in the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris (CIUP), the largest accommodation site for French and international students and researchers in the Île-de-France region. With over 12000 students and researchers from 150 different nationalities every year, and 43 different ‘maisons’ (houses), the CIUP offers undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers and artists a unique multicultural and multidisciplinary campus experience. 

Located a nine-minute RER ride from the Quartier Latin and a 20-minute RER ride from the Louvre Museum and nestled in a 30+ acre area of eco-responsible gardens and parks (1 acre is roughly equivalent to 1 football field!), Cité Internationale offers a wide range of activities, from cultural events to student associations and sports. Its outdoor space and green areas provide a relaxing and bucolic atmosphere, while still being close to the city centre. 

The Learning Centre

At the Cité Internationale, the teaching & learning spaces will be located in La Maison Internationale. There you will have access to: 


Study rooms


Student catering and restaurants with a range of specialties at affordable prices


CIUP theatre


Main library and Language Lab

The Student Residence

Like on the Lisbon campus, you will live together in dedicated student homes and you will have the opportunity to meet students from all over the world. There are 2 student halls for Forward students at the CIUP, the ‘Résidence Robert Garric’ and the ‘Residence André Honnorat’.

You will have access to:


Individual rooms (13 – 17 m²)


Shared or private bathrooms


Shared kitchens


A Foyer Space that includes a bar, foosball, pool table and a piano


TV room


A media room


Study lounges


A communal living room


Sports, music, associations and more

At the CIUP campus, you can choose between 50 different sports. As well as a pool, there are pitches for tennis, football and basketball, pilates and yoga rooms. 

For music lovers, the campus hosts 13 soundproofed music studios. Residents can join the 60+ choirs, and orchestras, or add their own band to the 140 already present on site. You could also join the Cité Internationale Theatre or Cité Internationale Choir which bring together CIUP residents and guests for exchanges or performances.

Famous for its dynamic social and cultural life and for its promotion of international culture,  the CIUP hosts many events, conferences and talks organised by students and researchers throughout the year. It also includes a large network of NGOs and charity- focused associations which residents can join to support the causes they believe in. 


CIUP residents are very involved in campus life and have created many initiatives such as a fund for student creation, the residents’ journal, and a community garden to name but a few. Have a look here

All the activities can be joined for a small annual fee – details below in living costs.

Discover more about CIUP

Cost of Living in Paris

Let’s take a look at some of the costs you may have in your second year studying at Forward’s Paris campus.

Activities Cost per week Cost per month Cost per academic year (52 weeks)
Student home* From €207 to €275 From €828 to €1102 From €10,764 to €14,326
Private health insurance From €2.5 to €5 From €10 to €20 From €130 to €260
Public transportation pass €7.25 €29 €377
Groceries From €62 to €75 From €250 to €300 From €3,250 to €3,900
Mobile phone plan From €0.5 to €3.75 From €2 to €15 From €26 to €195
Leisure activities and daily expenses** From €37 to €50 From €150 to €200 From €1,950 to €2,600
Activity Costs
Meal in a average restaurant €20
Meal at CIUP €3.30 – €13
Take away in a bakery (lunch menus, sandwiches…) €8 – €12
Coffee €1 – €3
Cinema ticket €12
Nightclub entry €15 – €25
Single metro ticket €2.10

NB: For non-EU students, the private health insurance cost may differ.Travel insurance and/or private insurance plan from home country is advised. 

*includes gym, nightlife, cinema and other types of entertainment.

10 tips from our students before joining the Paris campus 

Studying abroad is one of the most important decisions in your life. By deciding to join Forward you will be pushed out of your comfort zones on a number of occasions: you will transition from high school to university, learn autonomy, live away from your family in a new country, be immersed in a multicultural student body so it’s a good idea to get prepared before arriving. Here are a few tips from our students:

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