Life at Forward

A week at Forward


Whether in Lisbon, Paris, or Berlin, your week will be a busy one, as you will be studying for your University of London Bachelor’s and for your Leadership training together. You can expect that each week will include: academic study, entrepreneurship activities, and personal development work.


Academic Calendar

Discover the key dates of the 2024-2025 academic year in Lisbon. 

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A typical week in Year 1

Your week will be intense with a mix of academic work from your University of London Bachelor’s (in orange), and your Leadership training (in turquoise) such as project management and personal development. 

You can see the weekly workload for the academic University of London Bachelor’s in orange, and for the Leadership training in blue on the following illustrative agendas.





Double Bachelor’s

Team work holds a
unique place at Forward College.

Independent student teamwork holds a unique place at Forward College. It accounts for nearly as many hours in the week as in-class activities. Across the three main cores of learning at Forward College, academic study, leadership activities and personal development, you will be asked to work in teams of three to five students to develop and complete a wide range of activities. 

Working in teams prepares you for your professional future. You will learn how to develop reciprocal relationships with your peers, plan activities and organise roles. 

You can see below the list of activities relating to each core of your learning.

Academic Learning


Personal Development

Learning at Forward