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Life after Forward


Access to top Masters worldwide

Most of our graduates apply to top Master’s around the world either following the academic field they have invested in – with a natural path towards master programmes at LSE and King’s College London – or by switching to top European business schools. Our highly personalised teaching will maximise your academic performance so that you achieve excellent grades on your Bachelor’s degree.


Our career coaches and teaching fellows will be there to help you select and apply to top Master’s courses, and after graduating, you will have a distinctive application that will set you apart, and help to open doors to your preferred university.

At Forward you will benefit from:

  • Personalised teaching designed to maximise individual academic performance so that each and every student reaches their academic best and achieves top marks for their Bachelor’s degree, leading to successful applications to top Masters and to strong graduate employability;
  • An undergraduate university experience which includes a demonstrable portfolio of completed real-life projects, an internship, international experience and multi-lingual exposure, as well as personal development and life-long self-awareness habits;
  • Personalised support in applying for your Master’s including reviewing yourapplications, providing recommendation letters, and more.
  • Various workshops from “Choosing the right Master’s” to “How to prepare a Master’s Personal Statement”.

Work experience

Top recruitment experts concur that Forward College Bachelor’s are highly relevant to the future of work: your skills and work experience will be strong assets to as you start the next chapter of your life whether it is in the business word, public sector, governance, or within charities, NGOs or global organisations. 

6-8 weeks Internship

During your third year at Forward, you will complete a mandatory internship so that you graduate with real-world experience and prepare for the challenges of the job market. Forward make our extensive network of companies and organisations available and support you in identifying and applying to potential internships

Career Coaches 

Our career coaches will work with you on various workshops, give personalised advice on your CV, and take you through mock interviews. 

At the end of the three years at Forward you will have:

A portfolio of Entrepreneurship projects 

  • Social & Sustainability impact – you will have gained concrete experience in real-world problem-solving of social and sustainable issues 
  • Digital – you will have gained first hand understanding of no-code development, UX design or digital marketing 
  • Research – Autonomous research skills, establishing a scholarly mindset that will prepare you for future post-graduate studies or a future in academia or research
  • Consulting – you will have solved real-world problems submitted by international organisations partnered with Forward College. This will also allow you to make connectionsfor potential work or internship opportunities

Forward Ecosystem

Our frequent seminars with influential academics from top universities; our monthly meet-ups with executives, officials, and entrepreneurs; and our growing FORWARD ECOSYSTEM of corporations, start-ups, charities, and universities will provide you with an extensive and diverse network of contacts, allowing you to make the most informed decision when you engage with the next step of your career, academic or professional.

Forward Masters

Soon, there will be possibilities for you to consider in Forward College Master’s programmes currently under development. In line with our Double Bachelor’s Programme, our Double Master’s programmes will combine an outstanding Master’s from world-class universities with Forward’s own Leadership Master’s Degree.

Plans for a Junior MBA programme are also under consideration with a number of Forward Corporate partners. Students will spend 50% of their time either in an apprenticeship with one of our partners, or on an entrepreneurial project of their own.

Both programmes will give you the chance to discover wider geographies and cultures outside Europe, so…watch this space!

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