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At Forward College, we host a series of talks from leading academics and other expert speakers to expand our students’ perspectives on the world, provide inspiration, offer experiences that go beyond the classroom, and foster connections.


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Jasmine is a Senior Lecturer at the University of St Andrews (Scotland), her research focuses on the history of European and US empires in the Middle East and Asia, US-Syrian relations, anti-colonial history, theology, and political thought, and social movements. Jasmine’s talk will focus primarily on a recent special issue on Race and International Relations in International Affairs. After her lecture, we will engage in an open discussion.

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Discussions among students and staff about the Future of Work and related topics while having a good cup of tea in a stimulating gallery-like interactive exhibition of prompts and illustrations.

King-ho Leung is a Senior Research Fellow at St Mary’s College, University of St Andrews. He is co-director of the Widening Horizons in Philosophical Theology research project and is a non-residential research fellow for the Pantheism and Religious Life project hosted between John Hopkins University and King’s College London. He was further identified as a leading emerging scholar in Political Theology in 2020. 

King will be speaking to the PS1130 students about Plato as an overlooked thinker in International Relations (IR), and discussing the implications of Plato’s metaphysics for the ontology of IR. King will also give an open talk on his ongoing research ‘On the Desire for (the Knowledge of) God’, which draws on both religious and non-religious writings to explore the ‘natural desire for the supernatural’ and engage with the emerging phenomenon in contemporary Western society of those who identify as ‘spiritual but not religious’.

A series of remote and on-campus talks with expert speakers (Vanessa Yim, Telma Sousa Almeida, Daniela Mercado Beivide, Ambi Mistry, and Madeline Gross); from different sectors to talk about career pathways in the field of psychology.

A series of curated movies and documentaries relating to concepts in psychology and philosophy, enjoyed with popcorn and followed by a post-viewing discussion.

Discussions among students and staff about the Virtual World, Metaverse, and related topics while having a good cup of tea in a stimulating gallery-like interactive exhibition of prompts and illustrations.

Emilian Kavalski is a distinguished professor from Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Emilian has taught and researched at universities in China, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, India, Japan, and Taiwan. He is also the author of several books on the topic of international relations, focusing mainly on the Asian perspective.

Michel Morvan is the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman at Cosmo Tech and former Chief Scientist & Corporate Vice President for Strategic Intelligence and Innovation at Veolia Environment. Michel explained what Artificial Intelligence is, how it is currently evolving with the emergence of Digital Twins and related technologies, and why he believes that mastering these technologies is critical if we want to successfully address the main challenges of our century: complexity and uncertainty.

As one of Forbes Top 50 women in Tech, Corinne Vigreux champions women in the workforce and passionately advocates for improved social mobility through education. She is the founder of Coding College in Amsterdam, CODAM, part of the Ecole 42 Network and is also the co-founder and CMO of TomTom, a mapmaker and location technology company.

Jacqueline Higgin is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personal Development (FCIPD) and has 20 years of experience in senior HR roles in various industries.

Entrepreneur Stephanie Lalanne has founded two companies in the fields of economic reporting and sports events.

Forward Fellows as Guest Speakers and
Participants in Academic Engagements

In October Ruairidh Brown will be travelling to Jagiellonian University, Krakow, to give a talk on his ongoing research ‘Nature between us’. This research considers the overlooked role played by our situatedness in nature in our friendships, and explores the role of the natural environment in the formation of amity bonds between friends and communities. 

Founded in 1364, Jagiellonian University is the oldest University in Poland and the 13th oldest university in continuous operation in the world. The University is widely considered Poland’s most prestigious academic institutions and a significant contributor to the intellectual heritage of Europe. 


In September 2022, Gemma attended the Eating Disorders Research Society (EDRS) Annual Conference in Philadelphia, where she presented an academic poster outlining the results of her latest research in King’s College London. Gemma investigated a new brain-targeted treatment in a randomised controlled trial, involving non-invasive brain stimulation and cognitive bias modification, recruiting 65 adult patients with an eating disorder diagnosis.


Ruairidh attended the Association for Philosophy and Literature’s conference on nature. The conference was hosted by MacEwan University and The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and was held at the Banff Springs Hotel in May 2022. Ruairidh’s paper, ‘The Sublime Magic of the Mountains’ explored how we encounter and experience the natural world. 

Ruairidh was one of the participants interviewed at the European Consortium for Political Research’s General Conference in August 2022. The session focused on advice on how to write as short and impactful academic blog which will tell the world about your research.


Thomas Hobbes’ thought is often regarded as a blueprint for authoritarianism. But his Leviathan gives prudent advice on the limitations of sovereign power. Ruairidh argued in The Loop this serves as a timely warning for the next Conservative leader on their approach to Scottish politics. Link: Hobbes on Scotland and the future Conservative leader – The Loop (

To secure a second independence referendum, the Scottish government must first prove the referendum’s legitimacy. To do so, Ruairidh argued in The Loop, the SNP-Green alliance is implying that the UK government has no moral authority to deny Scots a choice on their future. The Scottish independence referendum and Westminster’s moral obligation (

In our contemporary world, dangers frequently come not from external enemies but from our own behaviour. To provide moral guidance on these Anthropocene dangers and help overcome the externalisation of threat, Ruairidh Brown looked back through time to St Augustine in The Loop. St Augustine in the Anthropocene – The Loop (

Sovereignty is typically perceived to lie with those who can provide protection. In The Loop, Ruairidh Brown considers how the pandemic has tested and challenged the supra-national, national and sub-national levels in terms of the exercise of sovereign power. What might be the implications of these developments in the future? The pandemic reveals a lot about sovereign power and how it is contested – The Loop (

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