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Business and Management in a Global Context

The course provides an introduction to business and management with particular emphasis on their international dimension.


Introduction to the global business environment

  • Perspectives on globalisation and international business
  • Political, economic and legal environments
  • Culture society, ethics and corporate social responsibility

Business across borders: the foundations

  • International trade and investment – theory, patterns, growth of and rationale for foreign direct investment.
  • Global and regional integration and multilateral organisations
  • The global financial system
  • Exchange rates and the international monetary systems

International business strategy

  • Strategy and the enterprise in international contexts
  • Competitive strategy for international business
  • Entry strategies, alliances and evolution
  • Marketing and R&D strategy

International business management

  • Organisation of international business
  • Global sourcing of production and services
  • Global information systems management
  • International dimensions of human resources management

If you complete the course successfully, you should be able to:

  • demonstrate knowledge of, and the ability to assess, core institutions of international business and how firms manage on the global stage
  • assess regional, cultural and institutional differences in how business is conducted globally
  • apply core understandings, frameworks and management principles to specific business contexts
  • formulate choices and decisions in international business strategy and operations
  • operate as an informed employee in an international firm.
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