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International Relations: Theories, Concepts, and Debates

This course provides a wide-ranging introduction to International Relations as a field of study.

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International Political theory

This course develops, extends and deepens theoretical topics covered in IR1011 Introduction to international relations, as […]

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Advanced statistics: distribution theory

This half-course is intended for students who already have some grounding in statistics. It provides the basis for an […]

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Advanced statistics: statistical inference

To infer means to make general statements on the basis of specific observations. Methods for using probabilistic models to […]

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Principles of corporate finance

This course is aimed at students who are interested in understanding the principles of corporate finance.

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Philosophy of psychology

This module will explore philosophical questions at the foundations of scientific psychology and cognitive science, focusing […]

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Clinical psychology

This module will explore philosophical questions at the foundations of scientific psychology and cognitive science, focusing […]

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Current issues in neuroscience

This module aims to provide students with an opportunity to develop their knowledge of current applications of neuroscience […]

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Gender and mental health

Gender differences in the burden of mental illness are well-established, with women experiencing higher prevalence of […]

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Mental health around the world

This module aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to the core themes and methodologies associated with the new field […]

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Asset pricing and financial markets

This course is aimed at students who wish to understand how financial markets work and how securities are priced.

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Introduction to economics

This course will introduce you to the fundamentals of economic analysis and reasoning.

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Statistics 1

This half course introduces students to the basic statistical concepts.

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Mathematical Methods

This course develops a student’s proficiency in working with mathematical methods, and it investigates some applications to […]

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Financial management

This course introduces students to the concepts and theories of corporate finance that underlie the techniques which are […]

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Business and Management in a Global Context

The course provides an introduction to business and management with particular emphasis on their international dimension.

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Introduction to Political Science

The course is taught as an introduction to politics in a globalised world, with a focus on how political science tries to […]

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Introduction to International Political Thought

The study of political theory is concerned with the meaning and justification of those concepts and their continuing […]

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World History since 1945

This course is a study of human beings in time centred on the Cold War years.

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Introduction to International Development

This course provides students with an interdisciplinary introduction to the ideas, historical processes and events, policy […]

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