Research Project


The Research Project consists of an investigation developed by a team of students on a specific topic. The Research Project is mainly aimed at students who wish to pursue academic post-graduate studies.

Expectations and

  • Spend 7 to 10hours a week on their research project across the duration of the programme
  • Work in teams of normally 2-4 students 
  • Employ a scientific approach, focusing on methodical and empirical research, to thoroughly explore their research question

  • The quality of their scientific production
  • The rigour of the approach
  • The students’ journey: how they make sense of the different steps they went through, including the failed attempts that are part of the learning process
  • Mastery of a strand of existing research and literature on their topic
  • The development of interpersonal, teamwork and communication skills
  • The achievement of a solid theoretical and analytical background on their topic
  • The use of sophisticated quantitative and qualitative tools, incl. AI, to analyse and solve problems
  • The ability to take decisions, with a sound awareness of the ethical and social constraints and expectable consequences

  • The development of individual and group research skills
  • Developing a mastery of the literature in their chosen area
  • Development of lateral thinking skills
  • Training in the ability to gather and analyse a wide variety of documents/sources/data; a skill essential for many roles in the workplace
  • Applying theoretical knowledge to the addressing of a research question
  • Generation of an academic output that will positively differentiate the student’s future master’s programme/research job applications
  • Teamwork skills, such as planning, project management, communication and negotiation

Teaching & learning activities

Students will participate in a series of research methods seminars. These seminars are designed to support them in fine tuning their research question and develop an effective approach. 

After forming into teams, each team follows a roadmap validated by their academic advisor. The project is structured into several phases, each lasting between three-to-six-week. At the end of each phase, your team will undergo a “gateway review”. In these reviews, conducted by your advisor, you will present your progress and receive valuable feedback and recommendations.

Certificate Structure

The certificate typically follow the five-stage structure detailed in the figure below. Each team will have regular meetings with their advisor with the first one establishing the overall aims of the project and each of the following at a stage of the research project. The guidelines for the five stages are as follows:

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