Dr. Elisabetta Nadalutti


Assistant Professor in Politics, International Relations, and Development Studies

Elisabetta is a researcher in Political Science and International Relations. Her research focuses on empirical and theoretical questions on global governance, regionalism and regionalisation. Elisabetta is presently working on cross-border development and governance in cross-border zones in order to better understand integration processes and societies within the European Union, and Southeast Asia. 

Elisabetta holds degrees from the University of Udine as well as a Master and PhD from the University of Bath. She specialised in comparative international studies through several post-doctoral position at the Australian National University, Universitè du Luxembourg, University of Warwick, Universitè Grenoble Alpes, and Universidad Lleida. 

Elisabetta previously taught and held fellowships at the Universities of Duisburg-Essen, Freiburg, Oulu, Lille and Paris. She is a author of several articles in Geopolitics, Regional and Federal Studies, the Journal of Common Market Studies, International Relations of the Asia Pacific and a Springer book on The Effects of Europeanization on the Integration process in cross-border regions. Elisabetta was co-editor of a book for the Routledge Global Cooperation Series ‘Region-Making Through Cross-Border Cooperation: New Evidence from Four Continents’.

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