Data Science: Talk by Dr Joana Andrade

Dr Joana Andrade is Educational Data Analyst at Doublestruck (AQA) in the UK, with experience as Data Scientist spanning across the fields of NGO, industry, research and consultancy: UNICEF, UNICEF Angola, 4Change, Imperial College London, National Foundation for Educational Research, Costain Group PLC.

Joana defines herself as “part of the development of Data Science as a subject”, as she transformed herself from an Applied Mathematician into a Statistician and now a Data Scientist, in domains as wide as psychometrics, engineering, education, economics and finance. As a scientist working on data, Joana is passionate about data science and educating professionals on the value of using scientific thinking when handling data.

During the talk, she focused on the roles of data scientists and how the skills can be applied in different industries as she was experienced in various fields. She also talked about the definition of data science by distinguishing what the data scientist’s job is and what is not.