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The way we teach at Forward College is radical and novel, in order to prepare our students for the challenges of the 21st century. Here we have collected some testimonials from experts, professionals, parents, teachers, and students with their thoughts on what makes Forward a unique choice.


We invited recruiters to tell us what they think about Forward College.

Khatia Paulmier

Khatia Paulmier, Former Global Head of People and Organisation at CHANEL and VP Human Resources at Solvay, was invited to speak about the importance of personal development during university and how Forward College addresses this.

Hubert Giraud

Hubert Giraud, Head of HR & Transformation at Capgemini, was invited to talk about the shift in the world of work to now value the development of soft skills in professionals, such as the ability to adapt to constant change.

Chris Percy

Chris Percy, Associate Director at Firetail, was invited to speak about the importance of learning through real-life projects to sharpen future leaders.

Andrée Sursock

Andrée Sursock, Senior Advisor to the European University Association, which represents over 800 higher education institutions in 48 countries, was invited to speak about the importance of international experience to develop an understanding of other cultures and values.

Dr. Marco Nievergelt

Our Academic Programme Coordinator, Dr. Marco Nievergelt talks about the importance of academic learning for students’ futures.


We invited our students’ parents to tell us what they think about Forward College.


Meet a few of our faculty members; a unique combination of leading PhD-level academics, entrepreneurs, researchers, writers, and designers who all passionately believe in the power of education to change attitudes, change lives and ultimately shape a better future.


Small class teaching, personalised approach, and passionate professors…. Discover Forward College’s edge when it comes to the learning experience and the things that our students love most about studying with us.

We want our students to leave Forward having become the best version of themselves through broadening their views, developing their personal adaptability, and fostering their ability to engage constructively with cultural differences:  discover what our students’ experience is like at our Lisbon campus, the first stop on their learning expedition.

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