Philip Allmendinger


Chief Academic Officer

Phil Allmendinger is Chief Academic Officer at Forward College.

In his career, Phil has always been entrusted with wider responsibilities in highly demanding institutions. He namely spent 14 years at the University of Cambridge, where he served as Professor, Chief of department, the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, and Deputy Vice Chancellor. In 2022, Phil took on the role of the Deputy Vice Chancellor at the University of Bath, where he played a leading role in strategic planning, delivering of academic outputs, and external engagement.

Meanwhile, he has never ceased from researching and tutoring students. His academic expertise lies in urban policy and planning, a field in which Phil has authored numerous books and papers encompassing urban theory, political geography, and most recently, the influence of digital technology on urban environments. Phil has also helped design and deliver and construction of a whole new district in Cambridge, including an award-winning new school.

At Forward, Phil will focus on the delivery of our teaching, learning, and research, working closely with fellows to support them and looking to future growth and development. Phil joined Forward because he believes that “Forward College, its vision and approach are exactly what is needed in higher education to meet the needs of students, society and employers.

In his spare time, Phil enjoys cycling across Europe.