Ricardo Colaço


Lecturer in Statistics

Ricardo is researcher at the Economics of Education Knowledge Center of Nova SBE, Teaching Assistant at Nova SBE and Ph.D candidate in Economics at Nova SBE. Born is Lisbon, Ricardo has completed is MSc in Economics at Maastricht University (Maastricht, Netherlands), and has worked for the Portuguese Central Bank for about five years. During this time, he has also completed a post-graduate program in Statistical Systems at Nova IMS. Ricardo joined Forward College in 2022 and is teaching Statistics at Forward’s Lisbon campus. Forward’s Lisbon campus.

Research Interests

Economics of Education
Behavioural Economics  

Current teaching

ST104a: Statistics 1 
ST104b: Statistics 2
Statistics for Economics and Management  – Nova SBE
Data Analysis and Probability – Nova SBE
Linear Algebra – Nova SBE
Economics of Education (Grading) – Nova SBE

Conference Presentations:

  • Jul 2022: XXIX Meeting of the Economics of Education Association (Porto, Portugal)
  • Jan 2022: 2022 LESE Lisbon Economics and Statistics of Education (Cascais, Portugal)
  • Jul 2021: 14th Annual Meeting of the Portuguese Economic Journal (Porto, Portugal) 

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