Pedro Sena-Dias


Lecturer in Global Management

Pedro Sena-Dias is in the final stages of completing his PhD in Management at Nova SBE. His research is at the intersection of international business, global strategy and organizational behavior and he is interested in managers’ and founders’ influence on a firm’s system of activities especially in the context of internationalization. Pedro uses qualitative methodologies to explore complex phenomena such as business model schemas, managerial paradoxes, and conflicting logics. With a teaching background in International Management, Global Strategy and Organizational Behavior, he has a strong affinity for the Case Study methodology and has garnered recognition for his award-winning teaching Case Studies. Prior to pursuing academia, Pedro accumulated over 10 years of industry experience in multinationals in the US and UK, holding positions in country and product management.


  • 2nd place on the FAE Case Study 2017 competition
  • Winner on the FAE/EDP Case Study 2015 competition

Research Interests

  • International business
  • International entrepreneurship
  • Internationalization process theory
  • Business models
  • Case studies



  • Lecturer of Business and Management in a Global Context 

Select Publications


Sena-Dias, P., & Pina e Cunha, M. (2023). Managerial Schemas As Forces For Early Internationalization And Later Transitions: Lessons From A World Leader Born Global. Preprint.

Sena-Dias, P., & Pina e Cunha, M. (2022). Business models and the internationalization of the firm. Preprint.

Pina e Cunha, M., Sena-Dias, P., & Berti, M. (2021). Paradox In Marketing Theory. Preprint.

Pina e Cunha, M., Sena-Dias, P., & Rego, A. (2021). Métodos Qualitativos Em Estudos Organizacionais: Respondendo A Cinco Questões (Book). Preprint.

Sena-Dias, P., Pina e Cunha, M. & Clegg, S. (2019). Jumble of Labels: Sorting Through Qualitative Research. Preprint.


Book Chapters

Sena-Dias, P. & Pina e Cunha, M. (2020). Eupsychia 2049: Explorations of The Future Of Work, Workers And Organizations Inspired By Blade Runner. In Schulz, K-P. and Mnisri, K. (Ed.). Pathways to Connect Creativity and Sustainable Development (pp. 33-50), Nancy, France: PUN – Éditions Universitaires De Lorraine.


Case Studies

Sena-Dias, P., Pina e Cunha, M. (2022). Nelo Kayaks: best over bigger. Paradoxes of Management and Organization, Short Cases For Pedagogical Use. Edições Sílabo

Sena-Dias, P., Pina e Cunha, M. (2017). José Mourinho (2nd place on the FAE/EDP Case Study 2017 competition – Honorable Mention)

Sena-Dias, P., Pina e Cunha, M. & Rego, A. (2015). Back to the footure, (FAE/EDP Case Study 2015 competition winner) 

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