Double Bachelor’s in Psychology and Business & Leadership


Our Double Bachelor’s combines academic excellence with the practical skills that will make you stand out in the workplace of tomorrow. It brings together a Bachelor’s in Psychology designed by the King’s College London (Top 10 UK universities Worldwide) and awarded by the University of London – and a Bachelor’s in Business and Leadership from Forward College. 


Forward College tuition programme includes:

  • 100% small group teaching (on average 15 students per class)
  • One-on-one tutoring for individualised feedback and guidance. 
  • Frequent evaluations to track your progress throughout the year and ensure your success at the final exams
  • Induction programme where you will better understand your learning style and adopt the most relevant learning methods for you

In this programme, you will:

  • Apply a critical understanding of essential concepts, principles and research in psychology,
    and critically evaluate the results, in the context of loosely defined scenarios, using structured
    arguments based in empirical evidence
  • Solve complex real-life problems through a dedicated project in teams
  • Develop skills that are highly in demand among recruiters such as teamwork, digital skills, communication or creativity
  • Gain a better understanding of your personal strengths, development needs and aspirations

The double Bachelor’s in Psychology and Business & Leadership primes graduates for diverse master’s degrees, including Psychology, Business Administration, Management, Human Resources, Organisational Leadership, Counseling, Business Psychology, Marketing, Data Science, Public Administration, Education, Healthcare Management, Nonprofit Management, Entrepreneurship, Conflict Resolution, and Sports Psychology. Your degree could be a first step to becoming a clinical, health, counselling, forensic or organisational psychologist. Studies in the behavioural sciences are increasingly leading to more innovative roles with social impact, e.g. contributing to the design of interventions across health, personal finances and education, in addition to policy making to improve public services.

The building blocks of
the programme

Psychology is the driving science behind most digital applications and generates a growing interest from recruiters. Designed by King’s College London, this degree will provide you with a contemporary approach to the study of the human mind. You will gain a thorough understanding of human behaviour and learn to apply psychological science to a variety of contemporary and social challenges. There is an emphasis on quantitative and qualitative research methods and statistical analysis with content enriched by the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience.

NB: All modules are mandatory, there are no elective modules.

As with all double bachelor’s programmes, there is an overlap between the two bachelors’: Some courses from the academic Bachelor’s above accounting for 100 ECTS are also validated as part of the Bachelor’s in Business and Leadership.
The other part (80 ECTS) gives you the opportunity to put your knowledge into practice and equip you with the mindset and skills that fit your career aspirations. Business acumen and leadership develop mainly through guided practice and reflection, not lectures.
It consists of 3 blocks: Entrepreneurship & Project Management, personal development, foreign languages and an internship.
Entrepreneurship & project management: 3 year-long projects

It is time for you to be in the driver’s seat and experiment with entrepreneurship. Each year, you will work in teams on a problem or an opportunity of your choice with the support of a dedicated Forward Leadership Fellow who will guide you and teach you the necessary methodologies and techniques so that you progress step by step towards making an impact.

You will carry out a total of three different projects, one project each year. 

Along the way, you will not only make a concrete difference; you will gain highly valuable skills for your future career such as design thinking, SCRUM, research methods, interviewing, surveying, data analysis, project management, performance management, teamwork, and impact evaluation.

You can choose three of these entrepreneurship modules (research and consulting are mutually exclusive):

Sustainability and Social Impact Entrepreneurship
This certificate is designed for students who wish to make a difference on issues they care about: climate change, inequalities, refugees, education, racism, gender balance.

Expected working time: approx 8-12h/week on average
Read more about Forward’s Sustainability and Social Impact Entrepreneurship
Digital entrepreneurship
This certificate is designed for students who wish to venture into creating a digital solution from scratch to explore a social or business opportunity they have identified.

Expected working time: approx. 8-12h/week on average
Read more about Forward’s Digital entrepreneurship
Research Project
Research is entrepreneurial as it requires courage, creativity, and rigor at the same time. Available in Year 3, you will work individually or in a team in close collaboration with one of our Forward academic Fellows.

Expected working time: approx 8-12h/week on average
Read more about Forward’s Research Project
Consulting projects with external organisations
Working as a consultant is an opportunity to develop professionally and collaborate with an external organisation on a real life problem. Available in year 3, this project is not compatible with the research project.

Expected working time: approx 8-12h/week on average
Read more about Forward’s Consulting projects with external organisations

Personal development

Personal development (15 ECTS) supports you in growing your social and emotional skills and mindsets for adaptive futures. Students develop high self-awareness and resilience, cultural competency, and an approach to leadership that is impact-oriented, practical, empathetic and collaborative.

Students will attend about 14 core modules throughout the 3 years

These are focused on three overarching topics that cover emotional intelligence, social intelligence, and career readiness. The modules broadly include: 

• Working in teams
• Communication
• Interpersonal Relationships
• Living in a Community 
• Encountering Culture & Yourself 
• Having difficult conversations 
• Communication II 
• Self-awareness 
• Motivations & Courage
• Resilience 
• Stress management & balance 
• Decision making 
• Leadership & Strategy
• Career Readiness

The Forward 360 Skills Assessment consolidates feedback from your peers and tutors on four core categories of skills: cognitive, social, emotional and practical.

This tool allows students to assess their progress and, with the guidance of personal coaches, set your goals and aspirations for the coming year. This assessment provides Forward Graduates with a Skills Map that supports their applications for master programmes and career options.

Personal development
Personal development supports you in growing your social and emotional skills and mindsets for adaptive futures.

Expected working time: 3 to 5 hours/module over 8 weeks
Read more about Forward’s Personal development


Before graduating from Forward College, Double Bachelor will have to complete mandatory work experience that amounts to a total duration of between 210 and 280 hours, roughly 6 to 8 weeks. An internship gives you the best opportunities to gain valuable work experience, whilst also exploring and testing a career path. Students who accomplish their research or consulting project with an external organisation will ipso facto validate their internship.

An internship during college prepares you for the world of work and its challenges.

Expected working time: 6-8 weeks
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Foreign language

As part of their learning expedition, Forward College encourages immersion in the local culture through learning and practising the local language (Portuguese, French and German).

We offer language courses tailored to various proficiency levels with specific provisions and objectives for non-beginners. Students can attend weekly classes throughout the year during which they will receive personalised feedback. 


Foreign language
We encourage students to immerse themselves in the local culture and one of the most important factors is language.

Expected working time: 3h/week
Read more about Forward’s Foreign language

In Summary

Scholarship Available


3 years

€25,000 (EU/EEA/UK/Swiss students)
€29,000 (other international students)

Lisbon (year 1)
Paris (year 2)
Berlin (year 3)



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