Bachelor’s in Business & Management


The Bachelor’s in Business & Management is designed by the LSE, awarded by the University of London and taught in small-class at Forward College campuses in 3 different European capitals.


Forward College Bachelor’s tuition programme includes:

  • 100% small group teaching (on average 15 students per class)
  • Weekly one-on-one tutoring for individualised feedback and guidance
  • Weekly evaluations to track your progress throughout the year and ensure your success at the final exams
  • Induction programme where you will better understand your learning style and adopt the most relevant learning methods for you
  • Be able to conduct robust and valid quantitative analysis and present the results and give oral presentations
  • Learn how to analyse business and management issues from the perspective of a number of social science disciplines
  • Formulate and develop arguments on management issues in a logical manner.

Graduates from this programme will be well prepared to go straight into the job market, or to proceed to graduate study. They may find employment in consultancy, banking and finance, accountancy, general management, information and digital technology, and working for start-ups.

The building blocks of
the programme

This degree focuses on critical thinking and problem solving, using logic and analysis. Students are encouraged to consider theory and evidence: “What data might support this claim?”, “How can we evaluate whether the data do support this claim?”, “What are the unstated assumptions behind this statement?”. Overall, the BSc in Business & Management is quantitative in nature and focuses on a theoretical understanding of the various social sciences that are of relevance to this field.

As with all Bachelor’s Programmes designed by the LSE (London School of Economics), students take four courses each year, made up of a combination of compulsory and elective classes.

NB: availability of courses depends on student interest, and not all of the below courses may be available for study during year 3. Some courses carry pre-requisites – please refer to the UoL course list for additional information.

Before graduating from Forward College, we recommend students pursue an internship, whether for career exploration purposes or to gain practical, valuable, and much sought-after experience. For bachelor’s students, an internship is not mandatory, but is highly recommended.

An internship during college prepares you for the world of work and its challenges.

Expected working time: 6-8 weeks
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In summary

Scholarship available


3 years

Fee €18,500 (EU/EEA/UK/Swiss students) / €22,500 (other international students)

Lisbon (year 1)
Paris (year 2)
Berlin (year 3)