Individual Career Development.
Networking with Top Recruiters.

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Individual Career Development.
Networking with Top Recruiters.

We expect your success to be highly personal, where your sense of purpose, your job opportunities and your sense of personal balance meet together. This is how you will both make a difference in tomorrow’s world and lead a fulfilling life.

Most of our graduates will attend top masters around the world or the future FORWARD MASTER'S programmes that will be developed in partnership with our ecosystem of international universities and recruiters. Some may wish to step directly into the workplace following their Double Programme as they will be equipped not only with the degrees but also with the skills and experience expected by forward-looking recruiters.

We will guide you forward with our Career Development Service. Our personalised guidance, our frequent seminars with influential academics from top universities, our monthly encounters with executives, officials and entrepreneurs, and our growing FORWARD ECOSYSTEM of corporations, start ups, charities, and universities will provide you with an extensive and diverse network of contacts, allowing you to take a meaningful next step in your career and personal trajectory.

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