BSc in Economics

Academic direction: London School of Economics

Degree awarded by the University of London

Bachelor’s degree

3 years

Scholarship available

Full time

On campus

Lisbon (year 1), Paris (year 2), Amsterdam (year 3)


Head of BSc in Economics: Dr. Bernardo Melo Pimentel

Career possibilities

Many graduates choose to pursue careers in the financial sector, including positions involving economics research as well as those in banking or hedge funds. Others take up positions as economic or management consultants, join central banks, their home country’s government economic service or international organisations. A significant number chooses to go on to graduate study, not just in economics but also in finance, management, development, economic history and other fields.

Year 3

Three courses chosen from:

  • In year 1, 2 and 3 students can also choose courses between a wide range of modules (Financial Management, Economics, Law…).
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